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Our Programmes

We look for long-term partnerships with our clients as we nurture and grow with them as one team and become a part of their organizational wellness journey every step of the way towards becoming a healthy and happy organization.

Wellbeing is a powerful word that eloquently covers physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness aspects all at once. Taking the value of wellbeing as a whole, we at HWE work on both micro and macro levels of organizational wellness. Why so?

We compare organizations to the human body. Each department is like an organ in the body, and the cells are the organization's human capital. And just like the body, when one organ is ill, the whole body feels unwell too, and when one cell is infected, it spreads its disease to the cells around it. We want to prevent that from happening!

The body functions optimally, only when it is healthy. And similarly, organizations only outperform when it is healthy.

Therefore, our services start with an Organizational Health Check ™ (OHC). This process helps us identify the gaps in the company’s wellbeing and gives us a starting point to carefully design and create a programme accordingly. It also provides us with key performance indicators to evaluate our progress. 


The unique Smile Generator Programme ™ (SGP) is the next step following the OHC. Taking the results of the test, we create a bespoke programme following our 3 pillar methodology which appropriates the science of learning and adopting new habits.

An OHC²  is carried after every Smile Generator Programme to help us measure our impact and to create a new programme for the following year.


We offer this innovative structure through web-based workshops, on-premise workshops, team retreats and offsites, annual corporation-wide wellness events, and one-on-one coaching.

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