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We are a group of wellbeing coaches and consultants with various backgrounds.

Through our personal experiences and professional expertise, we bring a dynamic atmosphere of wellness and joy into corporate environments.

We nurture our clients and grow with them as one team, and become a part of their organizational wellbeing journey every step of the way towards becoming a healthy and happy organization.

Lana Maher Hassounah 
Managing Director HWE - Life Coach CPCC


HWE Co-Founder Lana is a certified professional coactive coach, inspirational speaker, mentor and entrepreneur.


After 9 years working as a project manager in marketing and communications, Lana stepped into her courage and became an entrepreneur. During the second attempt of founding a company, she discovered her calling and purpose to help people and obtained her ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited certification in coaching. 


Reaching more than 400 people through one-on-one sessions in addition to private & corporate workshops, and accumulating more than 500 hours of coaching; Lana believes that in order to reach any goal we have in life, finding inner peace is the first step to grow and sustain success.


Lana has helped her clients to accept themselves and build confidence, improve their personal relationships at home and at work, overcome trauma, excel at work, start their own businesses, and embark on a personal & spiritual growth journey.


Lana’s secret ingredient to everything she does is love. She believes when we love ourselves, love what we do, love how we speak, love how we think, love everyone, and love the world we live in we become in peace and life just flows. 

Ipek Williamson – Programme Director/Insight Coach


Ipek is a Certified Insight Coach, Listener, Certified Ikigai Coach, Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner and Blogger.


Her journey as an Insight Coach took over her focus after working for more than two decades as an Executive Assistant for C suite leaders of several multinational organizations. 


She perfectly blends her vast corporate experience with diversified areas of expertise as a coach and mentor.


Ipek aims to create a spark in the eyes of everyone she connects with. She also intends to help anyone and any relationship that needs healing and improvement. Especially the relationship with ones’ self.


She believes that life is beautiful, and everyone deserves to live it to the fullest. And she makes her life’s work to touch the lives of as many people as possible. One beautiful soul at a time. To help them create a fulfilling personal life and a thriving career.

David Andrew 
CEO HWE - Transformational Coach


HWE Co-Founder David has a wealth of experience of more than 25 years in the public/corporate business environment, where people work well beyond the contractual hours. He is more than familiar with the paradoxes of the ups and downs of a busy working life in the public and corporate sector.


His experience inspired him to become a dynamic transformational coach. He has a unique gift of communication that engages and intrigues the listener with the profound simplicity he speaks in.
Often described as Wisdom!


David lives the lifestyle of a holistic wellness approach that he talks about passionately. He believes a person is whole and – the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical are interconnected.

David has successfully inspired individuals in several countries, helping them to define their purpose and achieving the results they want. His clients range from business professionals, graduates, and even prison inmates.

He famously says to his clients,

“Your past has brought you to the present – You can decide the present to take you to your future” 

- Let the coaching begin!

Nilgun Gokkent – Programme Designer/Life Coach

Nilgun’s focus is on her passion for developing the world’s next generation of leaders and creating experiences that transform lives by making them aware of what drives them to become fully engaged and purpose-driven.

She strongly believes that career and corporate well-being has a huge impact on total well-being of people.  She is committed to helping people and teams expand who they are and what they can achieve. Hence in her coaching practise she supports her clients on career transitions, empowerment, burnout, résilience, uncovering limiting beliefs, enhancing leadership performance, team effectiveness, building authentic confidence and strengthening relationships by heart.

Nilgun graduated with a BA in 1995 and worked as a banker until June 2018 in Istanbul and Abu Dhabi, she was also the bank’s volunteer career coach. Now based in London, Nilgun is fluent in Turkish and English. 

Her 20 plus years of corporate experience along with extensive coaching skills gives her an edge in the service of her clients, delivering solid business results.

Mark Hobin – Brand & Marketing Consultant


Mark is responsible for HWE’s brand identity design and production of marketing collateral.


Mark helps clients achieve their goals with a holistic approach to branding and marketing strategy through effective, creative design solutions across all platforms, print and digital, delivering the best solutions to promote their product or service.

With over 30 years experience working with local, national and global companies helping clients achieve their business objectives with strategic design solutions.

In 2015 Mark was appointed as a Growth Voucher Scheme Adviser, a UK Government / Enterprise Nation initiative offering marketing and design advice to qualifying businesses.


A creative Graphic Designer with significant experience in numerous sectors working with start-ups, SMEs, local, national and global companies such as Amnesty International, U2, TNT, Jaguar Land Rover and Happy Work Environment. 


Mark’s specialties include:
- Brand identity 

- Marketing campaign strategy
- Design, production and delivery of  marketing collateral 

Arikah Andrew – Programme Coordinator


Arikah studied at UNC Chapel Hill to receive her Bachelors of Science in Psychology and has experience in research and education. Her course load was oriented to science in a holistic approach. She has come to understand how the human brain works biologically, chemically, emotionally, and spiritually. 


She has utilized her knowledge by committing her time to non-profit organizations to help mentor the young people.
She works closely with youth and parents to help cultivate healthy relationships interpersonally and also the relationships the children have with themselves. 


Arikah plans to continue on her holistic path to reach an even wider audience. Her passions in psychology are focused in developmental and industrial. She plans to utilize her knowledge and passion to bridge the gap between health and wellness in the workplace which transcends into people’s home lives. 


Her mantra is that “words have intention and energy so speak kindly to yourself and others.” 


She believes that the words you speak are powerful and can change your internal and external environments. Her plan is to help create a mould of vocabulary that will help you reside in an environment that makes you happy.

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