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Do you have a favourite day of the week? My favourite has always been Friday. Nobody and nothing that happened on a Friday could affect my mood negatively, because Friday was the end of the workweek and eve of the weekend. It deserved being the most favourite day of the week, even better than Saturday for some reason.

Then I’ve realized why I felt that way about Friday. Because what I was excited about was not the day I was going through, but the expectation of a great weekend that would follow. So, by favouring Friday, I was not enjoying the day itself, but the anticipation of the next two days of the weekend.

Everybody’s working for the weekend. That’s what the song says. But what if I make every day of my life enjoyable so that I don’t have to wait for a specific time? What if I become mindful of now, rather than waiting for a time in future to bring me joy?

Monday Blues

If you are dreading to go to work on Monday and that’s ruining your Sunday, just stop and think. Why do you feel that way? What’s causing this feeling? What’s not going well at work that affects your time outside the work negatively? Do your loved ones deserve to live with your dreadful Sundays? How your anxiety about work affects your relationships with your family and friends?

You live just one life, and every minute of it deserves to be cherished. If something is not going well, instead of trying to live with it and making your and your loved ones’ lives an unpleasant journey, you can choose to take action. And you should. Because why accept what you have given and not create what you deserve? Why not make every day of the week the best day of the week?

So, if reading this is lighting a fire in you, and you feel like a radical change is in order, reach out to someone for help. You can reach out to me, to one of your good friends, to a mentor, to an elderly wise person. Just act and see your life transforming in front of your eyes. You deserve it, and so does everyone who loves you.

Written by Ipek Williamson

Make every day a great day

Make every day a great day

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