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Anyone exposed to a dynamic corporate work environment would know that it means high stress, long working hours, tight deadlines, tight budgets, staffing constraints, communication problems and more. Working under these circumstances day in day out wears on you, even if you are a part of a world-famous group of companies.

Ultimately, being part of a prestigious company, making a decent salary and having a bright future is tempting. But is it enough to demonstrate a high-performance level for a lengthy period? Considering work takes 50% or more of their time per week, especially the new generation of the workforce doesn’t believe that it is.

That’s where well-being comes into the picture. As a new and reformed workforce considers it essential for a happy work environment.

What is well-being?

Well-being is the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity.

It includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and the ability to manage stress. More generally, well-being is just feeling well, inside and out.

Building an environment of well-being in the workplace generates motivation, better performance, less turnover of staff, stronger team mentality and creativity. Therefore, it is essential for any modern company in today’s world.

At HWE, we are passionate about introducing an atmosphere of well-being to as many organizations as we can. Our goal is to help corporations become workplaces where employees go to work happy, knowing that it’s an inclusive, caring, and supportive environment, where their input would be listened to, understood and valued.

How can HWE help?

Well-being is not only about the individual employee but also about the company. And for many companies, it’s becoming a strategic topic today. Individuals are experiencing more strain than ever before.

Research shows that employees are more stressed now than ever. Yet, high productivity is not possible unless employees are both physically and mentally healthy. The positive impact of health programs is now widely recognized, and they also enhance the employer image.

HWE, with its team of experts, delivers custom made programs tailored to the organizations’ specific needs. Partners with companies that are willing to create a culture of well-being. Offers guidance, periodic check-ins, one-on-one coaching and mentoring to prevent diversions from the path of well-being.

If your priority as a corporation is, having happy employees, HWE is the perfect partner for you to achieve that goal together.

Written by Ipek Williamson

Lets bring the smile back

Lets bring the smile back

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