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Is it possible that kindness can be represented in a corporate P&L - Profit & Loss Statement?

Many of us live in an atmosphere of heightened anxiety or tiredness due to this pandemic. At home, perhaps homeschooling children; at work, about our families and extended families, our friends, our neighbors and communities we live in.

Alain de Botton once said, “The emotionally intelligent person knows that they will only ever be 

mentally healthy in a few areas and at certain moments.

We are all imperfect, even leaders. We are all working to figure out our way out of this.

A misplaced comment, an emotional outburst or a cocktail of both can be signs that possible adversities are becoming too much for anyone. After all, we are all only human.

Probably there are many instances where mistreatments and misunderstandings happened and are continuing to happen throughout the corporate world.

However, in general, it must surely be a good thing if there were more kindness and care in the world during these times and after.

And there are good business reasons why leaders at all levels of any organization should learn how to demonstrate more kindness and more understanding of the whole person that shows up for work, the world we all operate in, the potential impact on our personal lives and therefore our performance at work.

When we can establish a clear link between leadership genuinely caring for our people and improved performance at work, we will have found the formula for extolling and spreading corporate kindness.

After all, it has already started to happen in the world of sustainability and sustainable business practices.

A 2013 global study by the MIT Sloan Management Review entitled “The Innovation Bottom Line” showed that the percentage of companies reporting a profit from their sustainability efforts rose by 23 percent. There is an unequivocal link between demonstrating sustainability values, such as kindness, and resultant bottom-line performance.

So why not with kindness?

The words Kindness and Business have, up until now, not often been found in the same sentence.

Perhaps one of the positives to come out of this pandemic is the reminder that whilst we talk constantly about B2B and B2C models; business is P2P - People to People.

We at Happy Work Environment, genuinely try to practice kindness in our business; giving more, caring more, engaging more, listening more.

And we believe that it is a business world and a context many, if not most, prefer to operate in.

How about you?

Kindness. It’s good for business.

Written by Keith Rozelle

Could Kindness Generate More Business?

Could Kindness Generate More Business?

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