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Our Mission

At HWE, we know that a significant percentage of people report unhappiness at work all over the world.


Our mission is to share the wisdom on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing using various coaching and mentoring tools. And accordingly, transform as many people and corporations as possible.

We aspire to be catalysts in reshaping the outdated organizational structures into new and modern ones that retain talents of all ages through accommodating & attracting valuable and contemporary talent with the help of an attractive and sustainable wellness programmes.

We are passionate about empowering corporations that are willing to cultivate an environment of happiness, health & joy, and accordingly creating and strengthening the reputation of a company that cares.

We are fun.

We all want to be stimulated and entertained. If something is not fun, we resist. We want to share the joy we have within us through our interactions and programmes to facilitate profound transformations in our clients.

Our Philosophy

We view wellness holistically.

We focus on every mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspect of wellness to create a flow of inner peace and joy.

We are human beings.

When we realize we are all the same, and in this life together, we can connect and create.

We connect with everyone through stories on personal challenges, triumphs and learnings as joyful and loving beings.

We dance in the moment.

We are dynamic in our being and approach. We work to bring relevance and resonance with the interactions that we have and the programmes we design and coach.

We never stop learning and evolving because sharing our expertise and seeing our work generating a ripple effect of joy that everyone can create and share with others brings us a feeling of achievement.

We are expert students.

Transformation is the process of transcending fears.
We create spaces of safety and confidentiality for everyone to express their worries by stepping out of their comfort zones and conquering the life they want for themselves.

We are safeguards of trust.

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